Improve Your Critical Business Processes

High-Impact IT & Cyber Security Solutions That Safeguard and Protect

We provide complete, end-to-end technology-enabled business solutions that include compliance and cyber security consulting, IT services, IT support, as well as systems and software reengineering.

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Kenite Cyber

Impactful Technology Consulting Solutions To Optimize Business Operations

Kenite Cyber provides complete, end-to-end technology enabled business solutions that include compliance and cyber security consulting, IT services and support, and systems and software reengineering. We seek to understand the unique requirements of each of our clients in order to improve the performance of their critical business systems and processes. Founded by disabled military veterans, Kenite Cyber, JV LLC’s cornerstone of existence will be to always operate with integrity built on trusted relationships and smart engagements, delivered by highly talented and ethical professionals to our valued customers.

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Initial Analysis

Prior to any recommendations, we work closely with you to understand your needs and any goals. In our initial analysis, we inspect the necessary technology, systems, or software so we can create an actionable plan.

Comprehensive Strategy

After we have completed our initial analysis, we will put together a detailed strategy and actionable plan to resolve any issues and ensure optimal security and protection.

Execution and Delivery

Once approved, our team will hit the ground running and execute our game plan. We will deliver a complete, end-to-end solution that will meet your needs.

Compliance and Risk Reduction

Kenite Cyber’s consulting and technology solutions will ensure that your organization is in compliance with security standards and will regularly monitor and provide guidance for further risk reduction.


Our Core Services

We offer complete, end-to-end technology-enabled business solutions that include compliance and cyber security consulting, IT services, IT support, as well as systems and software reengineering.

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Consulting & Optimization

Kenite Cyber provides holistic IT consultation services for compliance, cyber security, business process optimization and more.

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Complete IT Services

We deliver intelligent IT services and solutions that improve the performance and security of the IT infrastructure for each of our clients.

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Systems & Software Engineering

Our team’s IT and cyber security knowledge and experience enables us to design and engineer high-quality IT systems and software solutions.


Why Choose Us

We understand the compliance requirements and cyber security risks that modern businesses face on a daily-basis. By working closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and goals we are able to improve their critical business systems and processes.

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We Are Security Experts

We understand the complex risks and compliance requirements that today’s businesses face. We will help you navigate these obstacles and improve your operations.

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Customized Implementation Plan

Each organization has unique needs and requirements. We take the time to understand the unique risks to your organization and tailor our approach and strategy deliver results.

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Dedicated Response Team

Our dedicated team is available to respond to immediate threats, and can rapidly deploy our resources to help you address any large-scale security vulnerabilities in a timely-manner.

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Reliable IT & Cyber Security Solutions

IT and Cyber Security Solutions From Top IT Experts

We are proud to be a recognized leader in providing complete, end-to-end technology enabled business solutions. By fostering an environment of continuous education, we are capable of delivering the latest technical advancements and trends in the areas of cyber security, data and content management, IT infrastructure, as well as cloud and advisory services.

Powerful, Cost-Effective Solutions

Our team is dedicated to solving problems with systems and solutions that are not only powerful but also practical and cost-effective.

IT Services for All Organizations

While each organization we work with has unique needs, our dynamic IT consulting and cyber security solutions are adaptable across all industries and systems.

Custom Design & Software Engineering

Our talented team has extensive experience with designing, developing, and delivering intelligent IT solutions to ensure compliance and optimal security.

Global Reach

Serving Clients Worldwide

Our team of experts works closely with clients worldwide, either on-site or remotely, and have ramped up our remote capabilities to adapt to the new business world.

Product Consultation

We will work closely with your team to understand your products, your customers, your market, and any unique requirements.

Security Consultation

We understand the evolving threats that today’s businesses face and our services will help ensure you are protected.

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24/7 Technical Support

Our team works around-the-click to ensure that the security needs of our customers are always met.

Rapid Response

In the case of any immediate threats, we can rapidly deploy our resources to help you resolve any security vulnerabilities.

Core Partners

Our Valued Partners

Here are some of the trusted services and digital infrastructure partners we use to fuel our consulting, IT, and software services.

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